Friday, April 08, 2005


As this is an experimental blogging class, our teacher felt it necessary to develop some questions for us to delegate upon. Here are the questions and my respective answers:

1. Why do you use blogs? What do you currently use blogs for outside of school (If you do)?
I use blogs outside of school to recap the days events, or to just talk about something that is on my mind. I used to do this in a journal, but after finding out that I have quite a few interesting ideas on things I decided to put this into a more public forum and see what other people had to say about my ramblings.

2. What are some reasons why you think blogs might be useful at our school?
I believe that Blogging could be useful at our school in that it could give teachers and students alike a look into someone else's eyes, just to see how they think about things. Seperation from a personal and professional blog would be obvious, but it would be a great way to communicate ideas for a given subject, class, or project. There are a lot of potential uses for blogs, but I feel that the biggest would be the exchange of ideas and information.

3. What are some potential problems that you see with blogging at school?
A big issue that could arise from 'blogging' is safety if too much information is given out, and the propriety of a school that hosts that blog. If something happened on a blog, per se, that did not bode well with a certain individual, or group of individuals, the school's and person's reputation could be at risk. With that being said, certain obligatory rules would have to be put into place as to protect the reputation of the aforementioned parties.

4. Should student blogs be made public for the world to see, or just our school community?
I think that on some level this needs to be both. For instance, if a student writes a ground-breakiing report on psychoanalysis then that should be public, but if it's just a few kids and a teacher trying to communicate about a simple homework assignment, I feel that it would be otherwise unnecessary to let the public see that. I would think of my professional 'blog' as a portfolio of sorts for the public, where I want to shine.


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